Management Consulting
Management Training


Consulenza di Organizzazione
Formazione Manageriale

Thematic Area: Assistance on European Funds


Structural  Funds  of  the  European  Union

Technical  Assistance  for  the  Public  Administrations

Support  Programmes  and  Grants  for  the  Public  Bodies 

Training  and  Continuing  Improvement  for  the  Public  Sector

Economic Development Dynamics in Social and Economic Late Areas

Thematic Area: Economic Development and Innovation


Territorial  Innovation  Dynamics

Regional  Economies  Development 

Productive  Districts  and  Clusters  Analysis

Local  Development  and  Regional  Marketing 

Competitive  Advantage  and  Innovation

Research  &  Development  and  Culture  of  the  Territory

Venture  Capital  and  Development  of  Innovations

Knowledge  Society  and  Creation  of  Value 

Economic  Profiles  of  Globalization

Thematic Area: Motivation of Human Resources


Soft  Skills  for  a  Better  Performance  of  the  Human Resources

Leadership,  Empowerment,  Mission,  Vision,  Values

Implementing  the  Company  Wide  Quality  Control

Continuing  Improvement  in  the  Organizations

Training  of  the  Trainers

Learning  Organization

Project  Management

Thematic Area: Enterprises, Entrepreneurship, Abroad


Start-up support 

Entrepreneurial Training

Entrepreneurial Support 

SMEs Productive Districts Dynamics 

SMEs Organization and Management

Business Incubators and related Services 

Internationalization of Enterprises

Commercial Penetration Abroad 

Thematic Area: Globalization and Complex Systems

Profiles of Economic Globalization

Global competition between Regional Economies

Dynamics of Economic Crisis in Europe

Knowledge Society and Generation of Value

Complex Systems and Predictability of Events

Chaos Theory and Organization of Complex Systems